foodari logo thumb Add taste to your food with foodari Foodari is a social site for food lovers. It helps you adding a new flavour to your hungry appetite. The site offers a variety of food recipes with hundreds of suggestions.

Different food recipes can be searched with the help of ingredients, titles and tags. It will provide  the number of recipes, each having its own photos, a short description and rating(shows popularity). Full recipe along with a cooking time, ingredients and full steps can be viewed by clicking any recipe.

The service allows you to have a chat through a Forum with other peoples having similar tastes.Through my kitchen, organize your discussions, images, recipes, friends and emails. Number of links are available that will provide plenty of information about different websites. Increase your recipe collection by adding your preferred ones in favourite list.

Foodari’s interface and user friendly features really attracts me. It is a site built on a good concept but time will tell whether it would be able to  beat its other competitors or not.

foodari page thumb Add taste to your food with foodari