zeep mobile logo Add SMS service to your website with Zeep MobileWebsite owners looking for their visitors to interact with your content can use this free service by Zeep Mobile. The API allows pretty much any developer to implement the service on their website quite easily. Developers can integrate this service to theirs without worrying to pay for it, as it is free.

Zeep Mobile features operate via an SMS code used for sending & receiving messages to website users. Although there is a small issue, US carriers tend to refuse differentiation between ins and outs, so mobile phone users might have a problem there.

Zeep Mobile was created by nerds, for nerds and consumers alike. We offer a simple way for web applications to interact with their users via SMS messages. The service also offers teaser advertising space on each message, matching ads to appropriate individual users through targeting data.

zeep mobile Add SMS service to your website with Zeep Mobile

We use our shortcode – 88147 – to send and receive SMS messages on behalf of websites that use our API. When a website wants to send a message to a subscriber’s mobile device, it lets our servers know via the API. We pass that message onto mobile carriers which then route it to the intended user’s mobile device. The process works the same way, but in reverse, when a user wants to send a message to a website.

zeep mobile howitworks Add SMS service to your website with Zeep Mobile

Simply embed our Mobile Settings Panel in your website, and your users can use it to subscribe for whatever mobile features you cook up. Because of strict carrier regulations on how the subscription process works, all of your existing and new users will have to use our panel. Once a user has subscribed, you’ll be able to send SMS messages to their mobile device, as well as receive them.

Yet where the ‘free service’ tag might sound attractive, there’s a catch to it. Zeep’s API is free to use, but through Zeep Media, advertisers come in to play. Developers utilizing the API will collect metadata concerning the SMS-based interaction, for the sole purpose of establishing an accurate profile of each subscriber’s interests. That will determine accuracy and display the ads with reference to user interests.

Basically that can help with highly targeted campaigns, and there’s nothing deceptive about it.

Zeep Mobile claims that it couldn’t find any other service which let websites send and receive SMS content, so they came up with one.

It’s easy to implement; no volume restrictions and it’s absolutely free.

zeep mobile advertisers Add SMS service to your website with Zeep Mobile