102808 0444 add825milli1 Add $8.25 million minus game publishers content = Crispier Crispy GamerWho says money is a problem for everyone? If you are worth it you will have it no matter how worse the economic situation is. Crispy Gamer, a platform for online gamers has bagged in $8.25 million from Constellation Ventures and founders. This also includes denial to publish advertisement content from game publishers.

With over 1 million unique visitors to boast of since launch, the firm stands out as a platform to the ever hungry gamers. I guess the success comes largely from the head of Chris Heldman, former head of media entertainment, Google. The company’s firm policy and free cash flow is the ground that has made it turn down offers from game publishers who can pay to the nose to get their content on the site.

According to the press release:

Gaming is a massive entertainment medium that draws an incredibly passionate, opinionated and dedicated fan base. We want to serve the gamer culture with an honest voice and a contemporary community experience. To seal our authenticity for critical opinion, we will eliminate any perceived or actual sway dictated by ad dollars coming from the game publishers.

[Via PeHUB]