image thumb201 AdCamo wants to monetize the Cursor as well AdCamo, a new advertising service, wants to monetize the cursors as well. The way it works is that on any given site you could now brand the cursors to display logo’s or ads. Though custom cursors is nothing new, as we have seen it for a long while on MySpace profiles, branding and monetizing them is something that we never heard of before. AdCamo’s branded cursors works together with the traditional ads that you might have placed on your site. Cursors could now be sold as a new ad format alongside your traditional ad inventory since AdCamo is offering its services as a platform and would also be opening its publisher inventory to third parties, who in turn could buy ads on publisher sites. Check out the live samples here. Worth a try !! what you say ?

adcamosnapshot thumb AdCamo wants to monetize the Cursor as well

[via Mashable]