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humyologo thumb Access your life with Humyo Just like death and taxes are unavoidable, the reality is that your computer’s hard drive will crash one day is quite obvious. According to the computer industry’s statistics the average percentage of disks failures are much higher than the manufacturer’s estimate. The recovery cost talks to the sky and even then success is never guaranteed.

All those things that can’t be replaced need to be backed up and now it’s easier than ever to backup using CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, external hard drives and increasingly gaining popularity, online backup services.

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Perhaps, Humyo is an online storage service that offers users up to 30GB of free storage. You can store, backup, share and publish your files from any computer or mobile phone. 25GB is reserved for media files. That means, you only get 5 of those gigs for saving other documents and files.

Uploading files is quite easier, you just have to drag and drop from your PC on top of the upload box. Once the files have been uploaded you can access, edit and manage your files from your PC, mobile phones etc. through Internet. You can also watch and listen to your media files directly with Humyo and automatically embed a media player for your content in emails and in social networking sites like Facebook. Humyo has some nice multimedia features. It will automatically arrange music by album, artist, genre, and year based on the file metadata. It also allows you to share your photos and other files with your friends and family.

For $5 per month, you can get a premium account which offers you 100GB that you can avail to store any type of file. Humyo also offers a desktop client for Windows that lets you add a virtual hard drive to your PC for drag and drop uploading. You can try this client free for two weeks, but if you want to continue using it after that you need to sign up for a premium account.

Your data with Humyo is 100% alive, protected behind the firewalls and 256 bit of encryption.

“Including bomb-blast corridors, solid granite, blast proof steel gates and a vault door out of Goldfinger, there’s over 16 foot of Bank of England-certified physical security shielding your files??, said, Humyo Staff.

If you’re not very much familiar with backup software, then Humyo might well be the ideal tool for you. Check it out!