image thumb14 8 Step Guide On How To Install Google Voice On iPod Touch [Jailbreak Only]

Users have numerous issues with using the iOS based devices. An app of two might work on the iPhone but not on the iPad or the iPod Touch and a similar issue was voiced when the official Google Voice App was released for the iPhone. The app didn’t function on the iPod Touch.

Good news though, users with a jailbroken iPod Touch can now use the Google Voice App. How? We have a step by step guide to let you exactly the same:

1. Download the Google Voice App from iTunes.

2. Select the Google Voice App on the iTunes and opt for Show in Explorer by right clicking on the app [this will be show in Finder for Mac].

3. Copy the file to your desktop and change the extension to .zip. You will then have to extract the same.

4. You will then have to move to which will be a folder in Windows or a file in Mac OS X.

5. Connect your iPod Touch via SSH to your computer and download iFile from Cydia. The iFile will help you figure out the IP address when you click the WiFi icon beneath the iFile App.

6. The IP address that you get needs to copied to your browser. You will then have to navigate to the /Applications folder within the browser and upload the [this was extracted from the Zip file in step 3].

7. Using the iFile’s feature you will have to unarchive the same.

8. You will now have to click the blue arrow you see next to the Make sure you follow the steps in the right order:

ON; Owner –> root; Group -> wheel; User -> Read,Write,Execute; Group -> Read,Execute; World ->Read,Execute.

With that done you will have to reboot your iPod Touch and that’s it.

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