image thumb94 6th Generation iPod Nano Hack Makes Jailbreak Possible

Give it a break guys, at least don’t have Apple worrying about its iPod Nano being Jailbroken or having chances of getting this done. I can try and say what I want to but it won’t help the cause. James Whelton, a developer has managed to find a flaw in the device and has hacked the 6th generation iPod nano. The hack bypasses cache compression and enables users to create blank space with the installation of Springboard hack.

What this simply means is that users will be able to see more features being added to their otherwise simple music playing device. These would include Apps, Games, Movies, Calendars, etc. I must however clarify that Whelton has not yet jailbroken the device as well as there is no root access on the iPod Nano. However the progress that has been made has all the possibilities of a iPod Nano jailbreak coming soon. From Whelton’s blog:

What I have also done is figured out a way for the iPod to boot with modified files (eg the SpingBoard Plist), bypassing the procedure it takes to stop this, I hope this will allow us to figure out a way to jailbreak it. I am primarily focusing on exposing some of the (for now) hidden features of the device.

It will be interesting to see what and how users can play with the device by injecting new features. We will update our readers as soon as we hear news from developers around.

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