image thumb32 6 Stupid Things You Think Are Cool But Aren’t On Facebook!

The social network, Facebook is filled with all sorts of people; the highly intelligent, intelligent, average Joes and the those with a primate mentality. There is a drama every now and then and the social networking addicts are almost always having something to share as their status updates. All good, but there are certain things you do on Facebook which are absolutely unnecessary and downright absurd.

I have kept myself busy so as to not post something ridiculing on my profile and equally detest those who think they are being smart when all they ae doing is nothing short of insanity. Here is my list of 6 things that make you a jester, while you think you are being cool:

1. Stalking

You are one of those Romeo’s whose Juliet was never in love with. You were rejected, turned down requests for giving you her cell number, even changed her city to escape you and Facebook gave you a chance to add her, send her messages and what not. Have some honor mate! She seriously hates you and your acts are winning you no sympathy! [The same goes for females who are passionate at stalking their X-BFs!]

2. Ridiculing Status Updates 

My undergarments stink! High time i changed these

Excuse me! We understand that your Facebook profile is your property and we shouldn’t be bothered if you were to pour mud all over it, but that status update is becoming a part of everyone’s feed you have added. The next time you are making a status update, ensure it is remotely sensible, at least it should be funny.

3. Sending IM To Every Friend Online On Facebook Chat

I hate to admit this, but it is seriously for this reason I have gone on a permanent offline mode on Facebook chat. Why would some people make it a point to say hello to everyone, every time and have nothing more than a hateful WHAZZZUP! Nothing is more loathsome than such act of absolute rashness. In my opinion a DM is a better option, it ensures you communicate properly with friends and that you are replied to. But again, please be kind to not spam the inboxes with messages that say:

“Hey Mark, Whazzup?”

4. Tagging Everyone You Can On Notes And Pictures You Share

This is absolute randomness, you upload a photo of a newspaper clipping that is in a language half your friends wont understand and yet tag them all, thinking that interest might ignite their intelligence and they will understand every word. Or more importantly a totally random and not so funny picture that more or less makes your friends think that you better be unfriended. Tag only those of whom you are dead sure will be keen to see what you have shared.

Of course not many of you do this, but I know some who are masters at this.

5. Oh I Have Loads Of Friends And I Am A Celebrity!

Take a hike! If you have 1,000 or so fans and you think it gives you a reason enough to act like an Oscar Winner and all wise, you better shrug that attitude off. Such folks ensure their friends put up with everything they do and yet have the least courtesy to reply to a decent message sent to them. I bet many of you have come across such folks and they wont budge from their attitude no matter how much they are disliked or even hated.

6. Washing Your Dirty Linen In Public

Your love of life said something you didn’t like, stop posting hateful comments on his/her wall and making the matters public. You have the cell phone to have a long conversation or text messages or even emails, why the hell make status updates that slur abuses, apologies, regrets, hate as statuses? Get a life!

Are there any additional behaviors you detest? Please share them with us in comments!