Tips 5 Ways to Stay Alive And Visible Online

Invisible sounds great when you talk about the Fantastic Four and the likes. But when it comes to a product, brand or simply your Blog, invisibility is one super power you wouldn’t enjoy having. There has been a massive migration to gain maximum visibility online, leverage that offline and have more eyes learning about your product or service. I mean look at us, we would do anything to create noise on any platform to ensure our words are visible to more, even if it involves commenting on blogs that belong to our competitors. Without visibility, your site may as well be worthless as it won’t be gaining the attention needed to be profitable.

However, there are a few things every site owner should be aware of and using when desiring to stay alive online, and those include:

Social Media

If you aren’t on several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then you are missing out on a substantially larger client base. Social media sites are not only able to draw in thousands of customers that a traditional marketing campaign couldn’t, but they are also able to spread the word about your business for free.

Location/ Directory Sites

Nearly 80 percent of all consumers look for a business of interest online first to find a phone number or address. If you aren’t located on online directory sites, then you will miss out on a large amount of both online and storefront traffic. Also by listing your business and site on online directory sites you will be able to improve your online visibility by ranking higher in the search engines.

Page Rank

If you want to keep your site alive online, then you must have a strong page rank. A majority of consumers use the internet to research a business before giving it their patronage; however, they generally don’t look past the first page of search results. If you want to remain alive and thriving, maintain a page rank of 5 or higher to ensure great search engine result page visibility.


A great way to keep your consumers interested in your site is by providing a company blog. Gone are the days of simply supporting a business because it offers a great product or services. Now customers want a great experience along with their service or product, and a good blog offers them a unique and fun way to interact further with a business. The more relevant your blog is, the more likely your will maintain high visibility.

Go Mobile

Internet users are using their smart phones more and more to access their favorite sites. Make sure that your site is mobile phone friendly to ensure that your visitors are able to visit when they want no matter what device they are using.

Don’t let your site fall by the way side simply because of a lack of effort. With some good SEO, a few social media accounts, great content, and a little extra time and energy, your site can remain relevant and visible, keeping traffic heading your way and your site profitable.