image thumb41 42 Year Old Woman: I will give You Kids Xbox 360 For Sex

A 42 year old woman is winning boys with Xbox 360 gaming devices, other expensive gifts in exchange to have sex with her. This is bizarre enough to stop writing about it right here and pity Christina Shreeve Hubbs, who is married and has three children. The two boy, aged 15 years who she have had sex with, have fallen fell prey to her for almost two years.

Other gifts included food, Visa Cards and the old woman wasn’t ashamed one least bit. The woman faces charges of over 67 sexual assault charges. The woman She is not now in Santa Rita jail and the bail will cost her $4.3 million. I hope she keeps her sex desires at bay in the jail, she must at least be concerned what her kids are going to think of her. Err wait, if she was she wouldn’t have been alluring teenage boys to play with her aging self.

The woman was stupid as well, as the police found plenty of evidence to keep her behind bars. I mean who would leave her pictures making a night out with kids?

via, thanks Ramine for the tip