disneylogo thumb 3D Disneyland included in Google Earthgoogleearthlogo thumb 3D Disneyland included in Google Earth
Today Google Earth has added Walt Disney’s 3D model of four Orlando theme parks and more than 20 Disney Resort Hotels containing more than 1500 3D models. Besides Google Earth, it can can also be viewed in Google Maps with the help of new Google Earth plug-in.

Walt Disney World Resort is considered to be the most detailed 3D stuff provided by Google Earth till now. It not only contains the 3D model of buildings and rides but also trees, statues, etc.

The new 3D models are interactive and they are absolutely recreated on Google Earth. You just need to have the latest Google Earth version where you can search Disney World and start your virtual tour. Here you can fly around Cinderella Castle, climb the Tree of Life, explore the Spaceship Earth, Disney Resorts and much much more.

According to Jay Rasulo, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts:

You know the phrase ‘next best thing to being there’? Walt Disney World Resort in 3D is going to deliver on that.
Guests and travel planners can now explore our world with just a few clicks of a mouse, and they can book vacations while being immersed in what the destination has to offer.

screenshot21 3D Disneyland included in Google Earth
Although there is nothing better than the real sight but I think Google Earth has done a great job by providing 3D models. It allows to you to plan your vacations, you can select the points of attraction, watch videos, photos, event calendars and get information about about tickets and reservations. It has provided you everything you need to plan holidays. Lets hope that we will be able to see more stuff like this from them in the near future.

screenshot11 3D Disneyland included in Google Earth

Image source: GEarthBlog