twinvision 2D not enough? Watch out for 3D Albums!

Twins Visions in an innovative 3D image management system that gives users a chance to view their photos in a 3 dimensional interface. Saving you the tiring task of opening a countless folders to view your pictures by putting them up in an interactive environment; making your cross folder picture viewing hassle free. The system is designed to let you perform the entire task you ever need to do with your pictures; from editing to sharing your images. So adios to the countless tools scrambled all across your hard drive for editing. Twin Visions makes it simple, interactive and worth the use.

The system’s editor lets you apply effects, fixing and adjusting all with simple clicks and then share it with friends over Flickr letting you directly transfer your pictures between your PC and Flickr albums.

twinvision thumb 2D not enough? Watch out for 3D Albums!

We here found it similar Picassa but with something added the 3D view taking it a step ahead of Picassa. This is the striking new feature that brings all your images into one place, execute slide shows, bring your photos right to this single stop in an instant and have them arranged as you like then to be. With point and expand option, it helps cut out time of expanding your image in a new window or software, keeping the business straight; ‘view and move on’ and there is always the option to edit.

editor3 large thumb 2D not enough? Watch out for 3D Albums!

We personally found the opening of a hundred folders; (POPPING to be exact) making the whole thing a mess but with Twin Visions one window solution things have become a lot neater than they could be. The users have a countless options to select from the various 3D display formats available, from cylinder to the wheel.

The application is free for the time being with concerns of a change to ‘paid’ by October. Wait not ye users! Grab on to it before they put a price!