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Xbox 360 Has No Comparison

There is nothing like being raw and blunt. What could be more insulting to the Xbox owners than to have it compared in any way to other items? Nothing. The reaction is quite predictable and I am sure I will be all red and breathing fire if you were to compare my iPhone with something like a turtle.

But the Xbox is really worth it.

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Apple recently went past the $370 billion in revenue and the company has definitely hushed many of its competitors and haters. We just thought we would share the infographics on what companies are smaller than Apple. While the infographic does make this look as if Apple is some Greek god and that no one has ever been so highly valued, it sums to be interesting overall. Especially when you have a country’s budget to compare with.

Following is the infographic on What Companies are smaller than Apple with thanks to Visual.ly.

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The iPhone Is Not A Transformer

The iPhone tested for the Transformer mode. Fail is written all across it, we just wonder who actually would tried this. Totally understand all of us are intelligent but there just might be one of the users who thought the Airplane mode meant getting your iPhone in the air.

image thumb7 The iPhone Is Not  A Transformer

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image thumb1 5 Wikipedia Donation Fails You Can’t Miss

We must promote the availability of knowledge for free. Far and wide and to as many people out there as possible. And when it comes to information, Wikipedia is the best source for all this (though I believe quite a lot of information was written by people who had no one to listen to their whining). What we do love about Wikipedia is when they have poor Jimmy Wales right on top of every article appealing for donations for Wikipedia, just to keep the knowledge hub running.

We are sharing some of the most WTF Donate For Wikipedia Moments and would love to have our readers share the same with us. Have you ever performed a search on Wikipedia for an odd word or personality and found Jimmy Wales picture right above that odd name or word? Feel free to share links! In the meantime enjoy ours!

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iPhone Battery iPhone 4S Inefficient Battery Is A Software Problem

The diagnosis held by an iPhone app developer proves that iPhone is suffering from a chronic software problem. This test methodically proves that the much complained about battery problems are software based rather then hardware. Phew! a sigh of relief, well at least it can be cured rather then changing the over all hardware specs.

Two iPhone devices were tested independently. Both having the same hardware, iOS ver. 5.0.1. Their model and release date was similar. They were even bought from the same location and also using the same network (AT&T). Just to make sure all other differences are avoided to check for their battery performances avoiding hardware differences. The two phones however  had different iPhone apps. stored. One was using beta applications to test while the other was a regular use iPhone with out any unorthodox applications.

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iphone battery1 300x225 iPhone 4s Coming Third While Android Phones Take The Top Two SpotThere has always been a constant niggling about how bad these smart phones are when it comes to their battery life. One should not forget the kind of task these gadgets are capable of. Though these devices are really smart bringing the functionality of a Desktop Computer in to your palms, they do need some serious energy to keep on with it. Once out of battery they are as dumb a machine can be.

We can’t obviously compare these to the first or second generations mobile devices. For example the Nokia phones that lasted days with a single recharge. Mobile back then were communication tools, SMS, calls, radio were all the high end features they offered. With the iPhone, Android devices, things have evolved, your mobile phones are pocket PCs. You can’t expect them to last for 7 days on a single recharge, however one can expect the manufacturers to build more powerful batteries. If not days, they should at least last for a day.

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Startup flees to Seattle

image thumb Startup flees to Seattle

Entrepreneurs who participate in online retail should pay close attention to the recent relocation of Shopobot from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA. Amid rising concerns about online taxation, this Internet-based shopping company has relocated to the more financially stable city of Seattle, WA. It doesn’t take an MBAdegree to know that the current economic crisis has affected companies’ sales, but now, online-based companies are unsure as to how online business will be taxed in the future. This has resulted in many companies relocating to different cities across the United States.

The economic crisis has left state governments short of funds, and they have begun to view the taxation of online sales as a source of potential revenue. This position is being encouraged by big-box stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target. These companies have long resented the perceived cost advantage that online retailers gain from not having to pay local taxes. In California, a law was passed in June that attempts to force large online retailers such as Amazon tocollectsalestaxonpurchasesfromCaliforniaresidents. In response to this new law, Amazon quickly exited the California market by dropping over 10,000 affiliated businesses from their roster.

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How Much Does The Internet Weigh?

I am changing how things happen at Startup Meme and trying to add new life into this blog. While sharing tech news is great I think it is better to provide our readers with more useful stuff like videos and infographics. Expect us to share more of such items over time.

As of now, we bring to you a video via our friends at Make use of. This video explains how much does the Internet weigh and frankly speaking, it is far below my expectations at least. Enjoy the video and share it if you like! Read More »