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screen shot 2011 09 28 at 10 06 31 pm Is Facebook Charging To Be The Future Spartan?

Facebook only recently announced the Timeline a feature that many are hating only to love later and while we have been reporting about Facebook and the iOS 5 integration, something broke out. Facebook is planning to be all ancient, in the name only. The social network had its Project Spartan circling the blogosphere as the new app for the iOS devices. Of course the iPhone and the iPad.

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real time 520x279 Google Rolling Out Real Time Analytics, Instant Stats, Instantly!

It was quite tiring to wait for Google to show updates to the Analytics on your blog or any website. There were issues with time zones, seeing if the breaking news that you just covered is being any good in terms of getting new clicks etc. While Google Analytics was a great a tool, it lacked the quickness of real time. Today it got better as Google announced Real Time Analytics Reports. Great!

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image thumb34 iPhone 5 Release Date To Be Announced On October 4 At The Apple Event!

So after all the rumors and confusions, Apple has finally cleared the mist with the announcement of the Apple event on October 4th. This means we will finally be hearing about the iPhone 5 release dates when Tim Cook takes the stage on Tuesday, October 4.

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 iPhone 5 Release Makes Japan’s KDDI Pull Off Android Site

What could be more demeaning than the fact that someone takes off your product in an anticipation that another product is ready to surface in the market. I would find it absolutely lousy and discouraging but then that’s how businesses work, you promote what will sell. Especially when both products compete severely with each other, and both are bound to make you huge profits. I am talking about the Android and the Apple iOS based iPhone.

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googlesim 300x224 Google Flights: Introducing Google SIM, Next Landing Is Telecom?

While Google has got the Voice feature in works in the US, it is unavailable globally. The feature is a must have, one that everyone can use, would want to use. There have been rumors about Google working on bringing Google Voice to Europe as well and soon to the rest of its global community. While this is still some time away, reports yesterday put brought forth the Google SIM. Could this be how Google plan on bringing the Voice feature to the Europe and other countries?

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image thumb31 Facebook TimeLine And How To Get It (Video Tutorial)

The F8 conference was fun, especially reading all the comments that people had and the continuous giggling of Mark Zuckerberg. Though I totally understand why he giggled throughout the conference repeating every word and feature at least half a dozen times, but he has given us (at least myself) a timeline that I sort of enjoy. Maybe momentarily, but something I look forward to enjoying the most.

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Looking forward to participate in the ongoing Facebook F8 Developers conference we have brought it right to the heart of Startup Meme. You can enjoy it right here and leave comments, while we watch it ourselves and share your thoughts as well.

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image thumb27 This Why Having Unhappy Ghost Writers On Twitter Can Hurt Bad!

Good, rather great things come in small packages. And the news of Mark Davidson on Twitter is a great one, especially when you are looking for something to make you laugh. Many would have fallen head over heels seeing the 55K followers he has and how many times he has been listed, plus that bio that claims him to be Internet Marketing guru. Until now.

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iphone playing cards2 iPhone Release Date Is October 4, Confusion, Confusion

Keep changing, keep altering the dates based on rumors. I think we can do pretty well by simply copy pasting text from previous posts associated to the iPhone rumors. Be it the iPhone 4, White iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5. We have reported a couple of days back that Apple will be holding its event on October 5, appears there is a change in that or one that is rumored.

It has been trending all morning that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5 on October 4 instead of October 5. Also the iPhone 5 release date will be October 6. If someone could just draw the timeline and mark what day is rumored to be the most obvious for the iPhone 5 release, it would definitely be somewhere between the October 5th and the 10th. But should one be concerned?

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hangoutsonyourphone2 Google Opens Signups On Google+

At last the invite only dilemma for Google+ signup takes eases as Google announced that the social network was now open for signup to anyone interested. The growth during the invite only phase was phenomenal with over 10 million users signing up in just 16 days of its launch. This was significantly higher than Twitter that took over two years and Facebook taking a whopping 853 days. The Open Signup is the 100th feature officially announced by Google.

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