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cava 22 11 iPhone 5 Prototype: Another Apple Prototype Lost In A Bar!

This has to be untrue. Apple has or to put it more correctly, had lost another unreleased version of the iPhone, which could be the highly anticipated iPhone 5. The scenario? Same like last year when one of the Apple employees lost the iPhone 4 in a bar, the phone landed up in the hands of a person who sold it to Gizmodo for a whopping $5,000. The only difference here being no Gizmodo has bought it and it reportedly went very cheap for a mere $200 on Craigslist. What a cheap sell out! Maybe the guy didn’t want to be in the limelight by asking for a huge sum.

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image thumb47 Use Gmail Offline Plus Calendar And Google Docs With Chrome Web App

Google Gears, email clients and what not, the idea sounds alien when you use Gmail and not have an easier way to make use of your Gmail account. With Google Chrome fast catching up and the Web being the center of all focus in terms of computing and accessibility. Today Gmail announced a brand new Web App for Chrome [download here]that resolves a long standing issue – accessing your Gmail, Calendar and Docs without the availability of an Internet Connection. And it’s sweet.

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Music on Facebook facebook music drum kit ShopTab Facebook Set To Launch Its Own Music Service In September

We might be in for a kick and a shake as the largest social network, aka Facebook is set to make waves with what could be its very own Music Service. Improvements, improvements all the way and Facebook for sure is speeding up to be the most dominant force on the Web.

The reports come in from CNBC that predict the date for the launch of the Service on September 22, this is the same time when the social network will also be hosting the f8 Developers conference. The reports have been in round for quite a long time, beginning with what could have been Facebook’s partnership with leading music streaming service, Spotify. Apparently that didn’t happen, but we had sniffed the interest of Facebook in the same and it was only a matter of time before it would materialize into something real.

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 Fix iPhone, iPad And iPod Possible With Apple’s Web Based Diagnostic Tool

We might have Apple working on what could possibly be a web based diagnostic tool for the numerous iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Oh and of course the Macs and the iMacs too. I think all the hints at the iCloud, indicate the importance of the similar service, who likes heading over o the Genius Bar to get your iPhone 4 fixed?

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WOT WOT Partners With Mail.ru Russias Largest Email ProviderSecurity online is one of the major issues and concerns for all the people hooked to it. We have seen how compromising can it be for anyone; from individuals to organizations. We have seen the Sony PlayStation network being hacked by some notorious folks out there and very recently the Nokia Developers Forum a couple of days back. It can be denting to the reputation that takes decades to build and trust that’s very hard earned. Now I don’t need to reiterate the entire philosophy behind trust building. Read More »

image thumb45 myBantu: Leave Recommendations To Your Personal AssistantPersonal assistants are not affordable for every one out there. I mean I can’t afford that, to manage my chores, help me find out the right things or news from the bulk available so I don’t waste time filtering the same. This is exactly what many of those social recommendation startups have kept in mind. Perhaps the single most useful thing that social networks and the Web 2.0 has given us. We thought it was time to bring forth a similar startup on this week’s Startup Sunday, bet our readers would love to have one of their own. The startup comes from India.

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image thumb44 Latest Screenshots Of HTC Sense UI 3.5 Release, Expect It To Run On Older Devices, Hopefully

While I heart the HTC devices running the Android operating system, I have started to dislike the HTC Sense UI. Primarily for the fact that that I have an ancient 2.1 version layering my Desire HD. However there is some good news, HTC might be up to boost this version to 3.5 with the coming of the new HTC Bliss. The mobile device hasn’t been announced as yet, but folks in China have got some screenshots available.

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image thumb43 Steve Jobs: From Stage Fright To The Stanford Commencement Speech

I guess this week is dedicated to Steve Jobs across the blogosphere. We thought we will do our bit honor to the great man who gave us an Apple, different from what mankind had known throughout history. While all this sounds great, I am actually a bit disgusted about people calling him Sir, Greek god, the modern Greek Warrior or what not. He is just an innovator, a great one and that’s it.

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android ios battle funny 300x187 Infographic: How Android And iOS Users Differ

If your choice of colors to what socks you wear can predict your personality trait, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your mobile operating system can be used to tell what TV shows you watch or what hobbies you like to pursue. Researchers can pull in data from a small survey and predict what the trend is generally.

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image thumb42 iPhone 5 The Features To Die For, But Might Need A Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Power

The mother of all iPhone 5 speculations is here and by God these are the features to crave for. Those are just concepts, but hey the liquid keyboard was perhaps a concept as well some time back and yesterday we had two guys in Sydney putting forth the Liquid Keyboard for the iPad.

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