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image thumb13 EduTecher, Bringing Academics To The Web EduTecher is a free social web resource for teachers and students.  Users are encouraged to explore, share, and contribute links and descriptions of free web tools that will be useful in an academic setting. Guess this isn’t a new bit as everyone is on the lookout for online tools to make life easier.

EduTecher enables teachers to create personal learning networks and connect with other users. Just like any social network it is a way to connect with people and tools that are more academic in nature, allowing members to post their own blog or participate in forums all focused around the successful implementation of educational technology. The idea as I see it, is to get the academics more closely associated to the Internet and Web, from their blog:

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image thumb12 Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X

For those of you who into video editing and worship Apple’s popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro, here’s some fresh update. The software will be getting a new version named Final Cut Pro X, which I hope arrives in our office as well so we can rid ourselves of the ancient FCP 7.

Final Cut Pro X will be the first 64 bit version of the software and will be fully capable of utilizing 8 cores and require more than 4GB of RAM. The latest version was revealed at an event that took place in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters.

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image thumb11 Windows 8 App Store Images Leaked

App Store fever is coming to Microsoft as well as images of the Windows 8 App Store were leaked on the Internet. The app store is highly likely to feature in Windows 8 and from the images, it seems we will have quite a desktop like feel to it. That’s just my opinion though.

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image thumb9 OpenNearMe: Know What Is Open Near You And Avoid The Hassle

I think the worst thing to happen is that you step out of your house to buy something and all you get to see is a huge Closed sign slapped on the door. You always have the phone to call up and check before you leave, but is there any other smarter way? I mean you can’t just call up all super stores one by one and with the Web so evolved, one would rather resort to using the Internet for such needs.

OpenNearMe is a new startup that resolves the same issue. It simply indexes all the markets, stores, eating places, in short everything within its database and lets you know what place near you is open. It saves time, listing only places that are nearby on a neat map so that you are also able to make a better decision on selecting the nearest to your location.

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image thumb8 iPod Touch 5G Photos Leaked, Will Have 128GB Storage

One rumor out and another surfaces, that’s how it is with gadgets and especially when these gadgets are from Apple. In a latest set of rumors, (most of which I have missed due to leave) there is one on the fifth generation iPod Touch.

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image thumb5 JobGizmo: Job Search Goes From Chaos To Calm

Keeping an eye on all the jobs you apply for is often a pretty hectic tasks, which I bet many dread. This is much easier if you have a single job to keep an eye on but this might apply to seasoned employees, but with fresh graduates in the race, you are looking at at least two dozen jobs. If you ask me, applying filters, using automated trackers, etc but you seriously don’t want them lost thanks to the countless junk mails and invites you get from numerous social networks, forums, etc. Stop wasting time and get to know this startups, JobGizmo.

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image thumb4 LoveBookOnline: Problem Saying How Much You Adore Your Love? Write A Book!

Most gifts are too impersonal. A small team of developers and artists came up with a gift idea that digs deeper than anything before it and we did it in a fun, simple way. How many times has a loved one asked, "Why do you love me?" I bet many folks out there must have come across this question at least once in their lifetime. And I am sure many would have loved to have this answered by someone else, hence comes LoveBooks a site that allows users to select, edit and create pages of a book that list all the reasons why they love someone. LoveBooks prints the book, binds it as per your need; the hard bound or paperback and it is shipped to you.

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image thumb2 Bodylogs: Database For User Generated Health InformationBodylogs is a health resource aimed at simplifying the research process by providing the user with a consensus about a given topic. It is the go-to resource for health enthusiasts seeking practical information that they can benefit from and incorporate into their lives. Read More »

image thumb1 iPhone 5 Will Have 8MP Camera And Sony Might Help With It

The Tsunami and the earthquake in Japan has had its impact on everything, especially on the countless lives that have been lost. That remains a very ugly part of the disaster reports are coming in that one of Sony’s factory has been affected by the same. And it was reportedly making sensors for the next generation of the iPhone, iPhone 5 that is.

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