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image thumb105 How To Activate iPhone 4 – For Those Who Have Never Used iPhone

I am lost when I see people making a switch to the absolutely new device and having least idea about how to work or even activate it. I have had my troubles and the kind of help I needed was immense. But shouldn’t people be really great with the iPhone by now? I think it’s real easy to explore it for almost everyone save for a few people and especially one person who has drained all my passion for the device, failing to activate his new iPhone 4.

The steps are really easy and need absolutely no skills of a super or even a worthless developer like myself. The following steps will well enough answer your question on how to activate iPhone 4:

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image thumb104 Redsn0w 0.9.7 Beta Update Released, Removes Need For ‘usbmuxd’ Process

We reported about the release of the Backup Plan, Untethered Jailbreak for iOS4.2.1 with Redsn0w last Sunday and also shared a detailed guide on how to perform the untethered jailbreak. The release was actually a beta release of the tool and has been continually getting bug fixes of late. Today MuscleNerd announced another update for the Redsn0w 0.9.7 beta.

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image thumb103 Poll: What Do You Want Startup Meme To Talk About In 2011?

2010 is gone and it has been quite an eventful year for our Blog and myself in particular. Before I go any further I would like to thank all our readers and followers on numerous social networking sites for helping us grow strong year on year. I think if I am to continue writing in this manner it wont really make much sense.

I would like to first admit one thing that Startup Meme has kept its content varying to cater to varying needs of our readers. Many have complained about this variation in content time and again, but I bet those of you who have been with us from Day 1 know that we started with a team of writers initially before there was a split and it all came down to me as being the only writer here. The pressure to keep the pace ticking, technology news coming regularly and as varied as it was in the initial days has made me write on anything I find interesting at a given moment. Of course it is impossible to cover all the news on the Web or making way into my Twitter stream or emails, something I have tried my best to perform at but it adds more pressure.

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image thumb102 iPhone Coming To Verizon After CES 2011

It has been forever since AT&T has been holding the Apple iPhone in its jaws and I had almost started to believe that AT&T would continue with its grinding of the iPhone till Armageddon. Hopefully that’s not happening.

Rumors are rushing in on the Verizon iPhone being a real deal and if this is by any means true we might have the iPhone on Verizon soon after CES 2011. Chances are high that we might see it before the second week of February or on the Valentines Day. This has been reported by BusinessWeek as well and it makes the rumor sound more believable with the recent Skype video call support for the iPhone. Probably we can thank Apple for looking beyond and getting serious on bringing its iPhone function over CDMA.

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image thumb100 Infograph: 44% Of All Online Sharing Is Via Facebook!

I somehow find it more interesting to share infographic on numbers and trends and I bet many of our readers have come across numerous graphs. The most recent caught my eye on what platform are people using the most on the Web for sharing.

Not surprisingly Facebook takes the lead here and I am not at all surprised with the stats released by AddThis, a widget that you see installed across numerous sites to make sharing across numerous platforms easy. The AddThis widget is installed across 7 million plus domains and has support for over 300 services.  According to the latest trends released over 44% of all sharing activity online occurs on Facebook, which is over 33% what it was last year.

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image thumb99 End Of Facetime For iPhone? Skype Video Calling Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

As rumored earlier Skype has officially released the video calling functionality for all iOS Devices. This includes your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. The version 3.0 of the app will support video calling capabilities with users of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the 4th Generation iPod Touch.

The latest version has support for the iPod Touch 3G and the iPad too. But since both devices lack a front facing camera, therefore you can receive video calls but can’t send a video back. The Skype app for the iOS device also supports video calls over 3G and can also receive calls from the traditional desktop Skype App. So you can communicate at ease with anyone back at home while you travel. The app also supports portrait and landscape mode.

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image thumb98 Gingerbread For Droid Eris Almost Ready!

It seems like quite a time when I last mentioned something about Android, I guess the Holiday season left us too much occupied with Apple and the jailbreak stories. Anyways coming to the current stir on the latest release of Android; Gingerbread.

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image thumb97 DFU Mode On iPod Nano 6G Discovered. Customs Apps, Jailbreak Are All Possible!

I mentioned it in an earlier post that we will be having more news on hacking the 6th Generation iPod Nano. There was a report earlier on how to remove apps and add spaces on the iPod Nano and another iPhone developer has discovered the DFU mode on it.

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George Hotz or more the more popularly known Geohot is readying to give us another jailbreak tool and it might be called Rubyra1n. The iPhone hacker had also registered a domain by the same name back in March, which is a big enough proof to believe this rumor.

image thumb96 Geohot’s Rubyra1n Jailbreak Tool Is Next To Jailbreak iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

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image thumb95 How To Remove Apps From iPod Nano 6G With Springboard App [Video]

It was reported yesterday about James Whelton of NanoHack.me managed to hack the 6th Generation of iPod Nano. The developer has managed to give us more news with his step by step guide on how to remove apps and add spaced to the iPod Nano 6G.

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