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Toyota   GrandeAffair 300x200 Revisiting the Toyota #GrandeAffair

I have been highlighting the importance of Digital Media, especially blogs ever since I began blogging myself (officially) in 2008. I was told all this is too farfetched and the time is not right. Go forward 7 years and today everyone out there is trying to get their fair share of voice. The sad part is, there is no first mover here; amongst brands. But let me put aside this rant and praise the fact that this is finally picking up.

The most recent meetup that called upon the influential folks on digital sphere was conducted by Toyota IMC, on August 22nd. The Toyota Team invited the individuals over at their manufacturing facility to give them a look into what happens inside the premises of Pakistan’s leading automobile manufacturing brand. From the rules around safety, work hours to the assembly, whatever there was demonstrated how uniformity is ensured. It has to be, it’s Toyota that we are talking about.

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Natural scenes of Pakistan 2526big 300x225 Driving Digital Conversations and Capitalizing on them: #SonehraPakistan

It’s great seeing all the brands out there doing their bit when it comes to using the Digital Media pretty actively. I recall many folks who turned down the idea of utilizing digital media for anything beyond making personal connections. Wasn’t a long time back, 2011, if my memory serves me right. Things have changed pretty rapidly, specially in the last year, where almost every brand is trying to grab whatever share of voice that may get on digital platforms.

I will come to the detailed critic about that later, for now let’s focus on the entire trending fiasco. Won’t go too far back in time, and just bring to light what happened this Independence Day; August 14, 2015. Soneri Bank somehow got to make the headlines on Twitter with their pretty well thought out hashtag #SonehraPakistan that helped the branded hashtag trend locally. The major ingredient was already there; pride associated to your country and all Soneri had to do was own that and become part of the entire conversations that happened on Twitter.

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So it’s been over a week since the unboxing of the Infinix Hot Note X551 and so far, the experience has been solid. I will be honest for a moment here, when I first received the Hot Note, I wasn’t too optimistic about what the phone’s performance will be. The experience has been contrary to my first thought; the Infinix Hot Note is a pretty solid device, both in terms of appearance and in terms of performance. Let’s not waste time here and get to write about its key winning points.

IMG 20150607 230047 225x300 The Infinix Hot Note – Hands On

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The Infinix Hot Note, finally received and doing what any blogger would do; Unbox and see what’s inside!

like us on facebook button1 300x114 Facebook Relaxes Rules For On Page Competitions: Big News For Brands And BusinessSaves the hassle associated to creating custom tabs on pages to run competition, especially those that required users to only comment or like to participate. We are talking about quick turn around time, leveraging key events on the go and removing the need to spend time exploring what new app to use. Thank you Facebook for being a bit lenient with the introduction of the change in policy.

Facebook rolled out an update on the Page terms and conditions to enable businesses and brands to readily conduct quick promotions. There are however some restrictions associated to using native Facebook functionality to conduct any such competitions or promotions. These include: (Read More »)

mobilink reshaping Update: Mobilink Reveals Its New Identity, Launches A Responsive Website

Mobilink, Pakistan’s leading telecom provider has today revealed its new identity. Mobilink initiated its operations in Pakistan in 1994 and had recently come under the umbrella of Vimpelcom, when the Russian telecom giant acquired Orascom in 2011. Mobilink at present enjoys the leader position among the 5 telecom operators in Pakistan with over 36 Million subscribers.

The process had been underway for quite some time and only recently did Mobilink initiate revealing hints about this new identity starting June 12th. This started with the Link that was showcased on all major newspapers and television channels and the new identity will be revealed with the print and the digital medium as the primary platforms.

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Clickto1 Click.to: Your Copy and Paste Shortcut App For The DesktopI am sure most of the folks reading this blog post, have problems when it comes to “copy and paste”. Especially when it’s copying a quote from your favorite blogger or entrepreneur to Twitter or Facebook. Click.to is one of those applications that simplifies the same. While I can go about writing lines and lines describing what it does, Click.to app is simply your “shortcut” to copy and paste.

Now some of you might just think of this to be a pretty pointless app to share, but to prove you remotely wrong, one must try. The sheer simplicity it offers, saves time (at least in my case), as it lets you select specific applications that you want Click.to to paste your selection. This is done via a neat popup bar that appears anytime you select something to copy. From the bar you opt where the copied item needs to be pasted and it’s done, no switching windows or tabs or even to your Excel sheet or Word document. Plus, it sits in your system tray monitoring your clicks, what applications have you used to paste the items, giving users an overview of how many clicks, copy and paste actions they perform. Though I really wish they had some way to track the time spent in performing the same actions.

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Logo Adzine Adzine, A Pakistani Startup Experimenting With Whats Already In The BoxAdzine is a new startup based in Pakistan focused on a more traditional business of Print Ads, however the founders have taken this initiative primarily as a study and have plans on taking a Digital Route with their Startup. We think it is quite logical for them to experiment with something that’s already in the box before attempting a new approach, especially in a market that is still adopting (fast) to the startup culture. Following is an interview with the Co-Founder, Khurram Salahuddin Khan:

Q.1  Who are you and what’s your background?

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Epic Skater UpUpStart Announces Epic Skater for Android and iPhone

When you have titles like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and the Guitar Hero to boast about, there is very little doubt that the next game you bring is going to be a good one. That’s what the expectations as the developers of the named titles are set to bring Epic Skater to your iPhone and Android Devices. The development team behind the game are on KickStartup, the crowd-source funding market place to raise $50,000. They already have 95 backers and bagged $4,350, if you love what they have already given to the community, make sure you visit their KickStartup Page and pledge a sum. It’s not much, you can make a contribution with a minimum $1.

You can watch the Video of Epic Skater below:

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New York, NY (June 27, 2012) – CapsulePen, a new kind of pill case and the brainchild of Joseph Cote (serial entrepreneur and former founder of Dance.com), hit Kickstarter (video here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1967168209/capsulepen?ref=live ) on May 9. With only 4 days left in the campaign which ends on July 2nd, over $15,000 has already been raised to bring this product to market. The pill container industry is getting turned up-side down by this new form factor. CapsulePen is a pill box shaped like a pen; and helps people to take pills as needed, which is a significant challenge in the health industry in general, and for the elderly or chronically ill in particular.

The CapsulePen is the first pill container that arranges pills lengthwise in a tubular container shaped like a pen. The pen fits virtually all pill sizes, and they are loaded in reverse of the the order they are to be taken. A clip ensures easy fastening inside pockets, and magnetized end caps make it easy to place the CapsulePen within eyesight in a kitchen, bathroom or office. Its hexagonal body plus the magnetized ends allows for seven CapsulePens to fit perfectly together in a weekly bundle, for easy, secure portability. CapsulePen users can pre-load a full week’s worth of medication, ready to be taken on time, every time.

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